by - fevereiro 25, 2018

The medieval village of Óbidos presents us with a unique charm. From its architecture, to the little shops, to the traditional taverns and (of course!), the famous 'ginginha'.

You'll find a well preserved castle within the walls, and a maze of streets full of colorful flowers and white houses that embraces us in a truly welcoming and wonderful environment.

About the (very) famous 'ginginha'... It's a sweet liquor infused with sour cherries and to be really tasty you need to drink it in an appropriate chocolate cup.

The village is beautiful to visit during all the year but, if you're lucky, you can find some (within many) event that gives even more joy to the village. The most popular are the International Chocolate Festival, the Medieval Market and the Opera Festival. It's important to emphasize that during Christmas, the town is filled with beautiful seasonal decorations which gives it a special shine.

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