by - julho 08, 2018

That's it: self-love is power. It's the ability to feel that we can achieve everything we aspire to, because we really can. It's the power of feeling that no one can stop us. It's definitely the most powerful love of all.

From the moment we truly love our being, we accept and forgive ourselves. We feed our inner strength and learn the secret that makes us look forward and smile and truly live.

In order to attract positive things, we first need to be in complete harmony and balance with our identity. Only then we can be at peace with others as well. Only then we will be able to truly love someone else as well. Only then we can discover the essence of true love.

Self-love begins with forgiveness. Forgive ourselves (after all we all make mistakes, we all have weaknesses) and forgive others. Self-love is practiced through respect (by others but especially by ourselves). It's essential to exercise it every day, demanding time and care.

The biggest secret is to accept yourself, with all the flaws and virtues that compose your wonderful self. You're perfect the way you are. Do what you really love and be the person you really want to be. Believe in yourself.

And please, never forget to LOVE YOURSELF, every single day.

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