by - agosto 25, 2018

Nazaré is a beautiful fishing village located in the center of Portugal. Well, I love nature, and whoever gives me some soft breeze spreading the scent of the sea, makes me happy!

Everybody knows that one of the main tourist attractions of Nazaré is Forte de São Miguel. But what if we discover the amazing views around it?
If you walk the paths around the fort, in addition to a privileged view of the lighthouse, on one side you'll find a breathtaking view of Praia da Nazaré and, on the other side, the famous Praia do Norte.
Advice: walk, on foot, this climb from Forte de São Miguel to Sítio da Nazaré. You'll be delighted!

I swear, the simplicity of these wonderful sights is enough to make me happy and with energy restored.

I'm sure of one thing: this village will not disappoint those who are looking for a peaceful, surfing and tanning vacation spot. Just let yourself be involved by the magic of its views.

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