by - novembro 30, 2018

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful panoramic views over Nazaré's village. Today, I introduce you to Serra da Pescaria.

It's located in the south of Nazaré, an outcrop parallel to the coast, where the oldest rocks of Nazaré region date backwards 154 million years. They're deposits of the Superior Jurassic, which show a close connection with the tectonic activity, linked to the second phase of rifting of the opening of the Atlantic Ocean and separation of the supercontinent Pangea.

The flora of this region is the typical of coastline areas and still is very well preserved and you can observe typical mediterranean species.

On the western side of Serra da Pescaria, in the coastal sector of the region south of Nazaré, from the Alcoa river to the limit of Salgado beach, we can find an active dune structure, fairly complex, formed by two dune ridges and separated by an interdunar passage where the vegetal associations show you different mesological conditions that characterize this coastal coast.

Summary: if you go to Nazaré, visit Serra da Pescaria!

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  1. Conheci a Nazaré este ano e fiquei impressionada com o tamanho das ondas!!!

  2. Há muito tempo que não vou a esses lugares mas espero voltar em breve! Beijinhos


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